Balloon Barber Shop

┬áToday, Budgie asked if he could cut his own hair. At least he asked, right? Instead of having him look like Moe from the Three Stooges with a home cut, we whipped up this balloon barber shop so he could snip away to his heart’s content.


  • cardboard cereal box
  • permanent markers
  • balloon
  • yarn
  • transparent tape

Open up the cereal box so you have one large, flat piece of cardboard. Cut out and decorate a pair of 12-inch shoes from the cardboard. Then, cut a slit from the heels to the center of the feet.

Blow up and tie a large balloon then slip the knot of the balloon into the slit in the feet so the balloon stands up.


Draw a goofy face on the balloon with markers. Tape long pieces of yarn to the top of the balloon to make hair.


Cut and style your balloon’s hair.








Extra Fun:

Spread shaving cream over the cheeks and chin of the balloon and shave the customer with the smooth edge of the plastic knife. Wipe the knife clean with a damp cloth between strokes.

Even More Fun:

When the shave and the hair cut are done, spread extra shaving cream over the surface of the table and draw pictures with your fingers.



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